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The name shall be the Local School Governance Team (or LSGT) organized as a governing team for the school, pursuant to the authority of the Board of Education of Colquitt County, the Charter Schools Act (O.C.G.A. § 20-2-2060 et seq.), applicable state and federal law, and the Charter System Petition of the Board of Education of Colquitt County approved on April 2, 2015, by the Georgia Board of Education.

 In keeping with the designation selected by the Board of Education of Colquitt County in its charter system petition, the organization created through these bylaws shall be known as “local school governance team” and shall be referred to variously as “LSGT” or “school governing team” hereinafter. Article II Purpose The purpose of the local school governance team is to be an integral part of the school system’s governance structure in pursuit of an equitable and excellent educational opportunity for every student. 

The establishment of the LSGT is intended to provide assistance to the Colquitt County Board of Education, the superintendent, and the school principal in developing and nurturing broad-based participation by the community and parents in the education of the children and youth who attend the school. The LSGT will complement the board of education, superintendent, and principal in bringing the community and the school closer together in a spirit of cooperation. Support will be provided to the principal in addressing issues, improving student academic performance, providing support for teachers and students, and increasing parental engagement in their children’s education. The board of education is constitutionally charged with the control and management of the school system and the principal is the school leader. Over time the LSGT will have opportunities to demonstrate its value to the school system and to the students served in the system, and its decision-making authority will likely increase to the extent that constitutional and statutory provisions will allow. 


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